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Driver Improvement Course/ Traffic School:

Attn: At this time, we are only offering online driver improvement. Please visit the online driver improvement tab for info and registration. 


The DRIVER IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM is a Department of Motor Vehicles of Virginia required course for those drivers who have a total of 8+ points on their driving license record and, for those drivers with a Provisional License who are convicted of a moving violation. The court system and DMV of VA will notify drivers who must take the course through mail and/or court date. Drivers must check their DMV or court letter to locate the due date for completing this course.

Drivers, whose driver's license has been suspended or revoked, must complete the course before their VA driver's license will be re-instated.

Some drivers voluntarily take the course.

Students are requested to bring their DMV, court letter or reinstatements, and a pen to the Driving Improvement class.


**We do not teach courses CDL related!**

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