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Our Driver's Education Classroom course is only available online at this time. Please refer to the Online Driver's Education page. Thanks!

Driver's Education Classroom:

In Virginia, you can begin the process of getting a driver's license when you are 15 1/2 years old. You start with a state-approved driver education course at an approved DMV school, then practice driving under the supervision of a licensed adult while you have your learner's permit.

Finally, you can get your drivers license once you are eligible.Teens have a higher crash rate than more experienced drivers. This learner's permit is designed to prevent crashes and fatalities, as well as injuries, by giving adolescent drivers more practice before they are licensed, 45 hours to be exact (30 day hours and 15 night hours).

Teen driver education must be done in 36 hour classroom periods. Topics include alcohol safety and drug abuse, organ and tissue donation, motorcycle awareness, and aggressive and distracted driving.

All students are welcome here at A Better Choice Driving School, regardless if your a public, private, or home-schooled student. The schedule will run for nine (9) days, Saturday through the following Sunday. Each of the nine days, your student will attend class from 4:00 PM.- 8:00 PM. We offer the 9 day session every other month at our Chesterfield location.

Dates: Please email to book. Calls and e-mails will be returned to confirm spots.


Chesterfield Location Only!

*** We are now online, with a start day that's convenient for you and your student! ***

Online only available.

At this time, no in-class classroom has been scheduled.

What to bring:

Notebook, Pencil, Snacks and Drinks, and any remaining payment owed

Price: $185.00 (to book a deposit is due at time of booking, $85.00)

Please call the office for dates: 804.869.6503

**We do not teach courses CDL related!**

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